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Agile Coach

I help teams develop their emotional and collective intelligence, unlocking the leader that sits in each team member


Do you need help to start or improve your team agility?


We start by assessing the team or organisation agility. Then, I can help to set concrete and measurable objectives with the team and regularly measure progress, identify improvements and adapt the way we work to meet the objectives.

What about defining a strong product strategy?

Starting from the company vision, we can create or adjust the product vision, build a roadmap that responds to your customers needs aligned with the objectives and values of the company. From the roadmap we can build a product backlog that maximises the value you provide to your clients. We will regularly inspect and adapt the roadmap.


Do your teams need support to become self-organized?


In my toolbox you will find tools to improve team focus, agile mindset, engagement, courage and respect. Each member will develop the skills needed to become a servant leader, contribute and collaborate in order to create healthy work environment conducive to innovation.

Would you like to enhance your software developement?

I can help your team to optimise the software development processes to continuously release new functionalities without compromising the quality of your products


Do you need to structure and energize remote teams?

I have experience facilitating remote interactive sessions where everyone can contribute and feel part of the team. The team creates their own team guidelines to maximize value and effectiveness.

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Do you need something else?

I invite you to contact me and share your needs.

I enjoy coaching teams and I can work part time or for a punctual need.

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